New Candidates for Green Team 2012

Green Team 2012 would like to welcome our two newest announced candidates to the team: Colia Clark for U. S. Senate and Thomas Siracuse for New York State Senate SD29(NY). They made the announcement at a meeting in Manhattan on Feb. 15.

Colia ran for U. S. Senate in 2010 as part of the Green Party slate headed by Gubernatorial candidate  Howie Hawkins. She received 42,341 votes. In 2011, Colia, a long  time civil rights activist, received the Flame of Freedom Award and induction into the Civil Rights Hall of Fame in recognition of her work with the NAACP and The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC).

Tom is a long time Green activist and Chair of Manhattan Greens. He’s a State Committee Representative for the Green Party of New York State, and serves on the Steering Committee of Shut Down Indian Point Now!. He’s also a member of the Environmentalist Solidarity Working Group of Occupy Wall Street, and is active in the issues of  tenants rights and public education.


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