Events in Brook Park on Saturday, March 24th

Bronx Greens / Green Shift and Green Team 2012 would like to congratulate our own Harry Bubbins for being the recipient of the PSC Environmental Health and Safety Watchdogs 2nd Annual Environmental Justice Award. Let’s all join Harry and celebrate with him tomorrow, Saturday March 24th for the award presentation. It would be great if we can get some of the Green Team candidates there to join in the celebration. Maybe we can even convince Harry to run for Congress in the 15th district. The petitioning period just started and runs until April 16th. We already have Congressional candidates in the 14th and 16th CDs in the Bronx, as well as CD11(Staten Island/Brooklyn), CD6 (Queens) and CD17 (Westchester). In addition, Friends of Brook Park is also hosting the event below at the same time.

I intend on being there, guitar in hand. Hope to see everybody there.
Brook Park
On March 24th Saturday

Work and skills sharing from 11-2PM
2-4PM food and music that we all bring together.

The Indigenous Culture Committee of Friends of Brook Park and our allied organizations United Confederation of Taino People, Teotl Kalli Quetzalcoatl; NY chapter, and Kalpulli Huehuetlahtolli invites you participate in a day of energetic fun when we share together to attend to all the things we need to do to be able to host the activities and events we know and love!

We will be doing a number of things, and you can participate in all or some. We see many folks for our Indigenous Culture Events and activities, but only a portion of those attendees have had the great opportunity in the preparation or clean-up of these vital events. Let’s get together in the park and share these essential aspects of our success, and bring some potluck food to share! And some instruments!

For those who cannot share with us on that day in person, you can always do something before that day. Or you can donate resources online here:


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