Green Congressional Candidates in NYC to File with BOE Today

Today is the last day to file designating petitions for Federal Offices in New York State. Three of the four Green Party candidates running in New York City for U. S. Congress – Henry J. Bardel (CD11 Richmond / Kings), Evergreen C. Chou (CD6 – Queens) and Anthony Gronowicz (CD14 – Bronx / Queens) – will be filing their completed petitions and certificates of acceptance this evening at the New York City Board of Elections offices, 32 Broadway. The fourth candidate, Joseph Diaferia (CD16 – Westchester / Bronx) filed his petition and acceptance by mail to the New York State Board of Elections on Saturday. The BOE will be open until Midnight.

This is the first filing by New York City Green Party candidates since the Green Party of New York State regained ballot status in 2010, as well as the first time since 2002 when GPNYS last had ballot status.

Designating petitions are required of all candidates of ballot status parties seeking to run in the Federal Primary being held on June 26th this year. Since none of the Green Party candidates have opposition, a Green primary is unnecessary and all will appear on the ballot for the General Election on Nov. 6th.

The petitioning period this year started on March 20, ending today, and candidates have been gathering signatures for the past 4 weeks. Signature requirements are significantly lower with ballot status – 5% of enrolled Greens within the particular district, but with the confusion caused by the redistricting process this year, signatures from only 3.75% of enrollees was required. All four candidates easily gathered signatures in excess of the required number.

Next up will be petitioning for State Assembly and State Senate candidates. Dates haven’t been set yet because of a court fight over Assembly and Senate redistricting similar to the one with Congressional districts.


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