21st CD Green Party Candidate Hassig on Federal Taxation

I am in favor of eliminating the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy.
I am in favor of an estate tax for estates in excess of 200,000.00 dollars.
I am proposing a Pollution tax on industry and agriculture, which would bring back to the public some of the monies of corporate profits for the purpose of funding environmental clean-up and environmental health education.  America needs an Environmental Health Education Corps (EHEC).  The first mission of the EHEC would be to warn American children, their parents and teachers of the avoidable persistent organic pollutants (POPs) exposure health hazard.  The EHEC would be active in the St. Lawrence River Valley in the Town of Massena and on the Akwesasne Reserve as well as in the Hudson River Valley, in the Towns of Fort Edward and Fort Miller.  These places are high priority POPs exposure minimization education locations due to the excess POPs exposures experienced by residents during the recent past as a result of PCB contamination associated with the ALCOA West facility, the former Reynolds Metals facility, and the former GM Powertrain facility in the St. Lawrence River Valley and PCB contamination of the Hudson River downstream from the General Electric facility in Hudson Falls. (The Thompson Island pool in the Town of Fort Edward is one of the most heavily contaminated reaches of the Hudson.)  Excess exposure took place via consumption of locally caught fish and via inhalation of PCBs that evaporated from contaminated soils and sediments.
I am in favor of a Profits Tax on corporations.  The public incurrs a cost when corporations profit.  The corporate activity that generates profits causes many negative impacts upon the general public, including:  habitat destruction, competition for limited energy resources, release of pollutants into the environment, damage to highways and competition for labor.  These damages could be compensated for by collecting a Profits Tax.

About Donald Hassig

I am a Son of the Earth, Son of Good Spirits, environmental activist. I am building a pollution prevention movement. This is my beautiful, non-violent way to take away the power of the corporate overlords. Viva the total, spiritual, global, environmental revolution!

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  1. The Green party has long favored a progressive income tax at the federal, state, and local level; including, of course, eliminating the Bush tax cuts on the wealthy. The Green party supports a federal estate tax, such as Donald Hassig also favors. At the federal and state levels, we have a “profits tax” on corporations already (corporations are supposedly taxed on net income). The problem is that due to tax loopholes many large corporations, and other big businesses, pay little or no income tax. The corporate tax loopholes need to be closed. Also, we need to enforce the stock transfer tax. Finally, I agree that a “Pollution Tax” might be a good idea.

    Donald Hassig is the Green Party candidate for Congress in the 21st CD.

  2. Great attitude! and believe me, we hear ya!

    Our project is right up your alley, we’re building a platform for people to voice their opinions on issues; just as you have done here. We encourage others to expand upon your ideas, and together we can fully analyze issues and contribute to change.


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