Calling it a departure from the “usual political subterfuge” offered by the Democrats and the Republicans, Green Party Congressional Candidate Joseph Diaferia has announced what he terms “a direct and aggressive economic program that shifts all of our national priorities to the working class”. Diaferia, a 51 year old college professor seeking public office for the second time, made his announcement a week after unveiling an ambitious labor platform that, if enacted, would markedly increase worker control over business and commerce.

Diaferia’s economic plan has many components. However, its most ambitious provisions are a proposal for a New Deal-style federal jobs program, and a call for the nationalization of all industries and services essential to human life. Regarding the latter proposal, Diaferia named hospitals, health care, health care products, pharmaceuticals, energy, utilities, water, and air transportation among the services that would be nationalized under his proposal.

Regarding his proposal for a federal jobs program, Diaferia commented, “The purpose of my candidacy is to give voice to the millions of Americans who have grown tired of the political mainstream’s sophistry that job growth can only be achieved by relieving the wealthy of their tax obligations. What we need, simply, is a national public works program similar to those provided FDR’s Works Project Administration (WPA)”.

Asked how such a program would be funded, Diaferia replied, “As I have stated on other occasions: that should not be the question. The question we should be asking is why no such program already exists when literally trillions of dollars are spent waging war in Iraq and Afghanistan. A federal jobs program can and must be implemented. We cannot rely on the private sector to address the needs of working people because they very simply have no interest in doing so. It is time for the working class to let the business class know who is in charge; and a federal jobs program will be one giant step toward creating a society in which working class interests are deemed superior to those of the exploiters and speculators.”

Asked in general terms of the radical or even socialistic attributes of his platform Diaferia responded, “It has been said that ‘radical’ and ‘socialist’ are mere labels; however, I’ll be candid. I am doing my part to help create a democratic and economically just society, so if calling for democratic and redistributive policies makes me a radical or a socialist, then why should I shrink from such appellations. Diaferia continued, “No one in the Green Party wants to erect a Stalinist bureaucracy; that is not what we’re about. The Democrats and the Republicans—or should I say both Republican parties under their respective names?—have always had the corporations’ backs. We are the voice of the working class, and we are simply seeking a transfer of political power to those whose hard work created the business class in the first place.”

Diaferia explained that his proposed direct employment program would include jobs in such areas as highway and infrastructure repair, the creation of ecologically sound industries, housing construction, prison dismantlement, among other things.

Responding to concerns that such a national program might extinguish business people’s entrepreneurial passions, Diaferia replied, “This is not my concern. As Congressman I will not devote myself to nurturing the predatory designs of those who seek wealth generated by the labor of others. However, I believe our society will flourish when individual creativity and talent are enabled, and this can only happen when workers can emerge from the poverty and wage slavery under which they are currently laboring.”

The following is a list of some of the additional economic proposals Diaferia has announced:

1.) Immediate abrogation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA), and opposition to the creation of and broader agreements such as the now stalled Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA).

2.) Worker ownership and control of corporations within the framework of a decentralized and democratically determined economic plan.

3.) A raise in the minimum wage to $17 per hour.

4.) An actual full employment policy (as opposed to unenforced laws).

5.) The provision of a livable guaranteed annual income.

6.) Social ownership and operation of all financial and insurance institutions by a democratically-controlled national banking authority.

7.) Compensation to communities– and compensation, re-training, and other support service for workers– affected by the exodus of industry.

8.) Dissolution of the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the World Trade Organization.

9.) Cancelation of Third World debt.

10.) The creation of a National Pension Authority to hold the assets of private pension funds, and a levy against corporate assets for any pension fund deficits.

11.) Increased and expanded welfare assistance and increased and expanded unemployment compensation at 100% of a worker’s previous income or the minimum wage, whichever is higher, for the full period of unemployment or re-training, whichever is longer..

12.) Opposition to the court-created precedent of “corporate personhood” that illegitimately gives corporations rights that were intended for human beings.

Diaferia acknowledge that as a member of the House of Representatives his voice (and vote) would be one among 434 others, and that he alone would not be able to realize such Herculean proposals. However, since there is apparently a large constituency advocating for social and economic change, Diaferia is confident that his economic plan will serve as an inspiration and a model.


For Confirmation: DiaferiaForCongress




About Joseph Diaferia

Born and raised in Yonkers, NY. Have lived in Yonkers, Rockland County and the Bronx. EDUCATION: Doctoral Studies in Public Policy, at Walden University. Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.) from Walden University, November 2009. Master of Science (M.S.). Long Island University; United Nations Program, February 1994. Bachelor of Arts. The College of New Rochelle, January 1987. PROFESSIONAL I have taught have taught at various institutions of higher learning since 1996. Prior to entering higher education, I worked for the Government of the County of Westchester for 19 years. I have taugh the following courses: US Foreign Policy International Politics Advanced Public Policy US Government and Politics Introductory Political Science Political Parties and Interest Groups State and Municipal Politics Middle Eastern Politics and History US History (All components) World History (All components) European History (All components) Asian History Latin American History Economics Sociology Geography I have taught at the following institutions: Raritan Valley Community College William Paterson University Mercy College Bergen Community College Westchester Community College (SUNY) Pace University Kingsborough Community College (CUNY) The College of New Rochelle The College of New Jersey Empire State College (SUNY) Caldwell College Yeshiva Shaarei Torah I also served as an academic advisor and admissions counselor at Mercy College, NY. I workerd for the Government of the County of Westchester in the following departments: Department of Information Technology: Records and Archives Division. 1999 - 2000. Office of County Clerk: Legal Division and Land Records Division. 1985 - 1998. Department of Finance, 1981 - 1985. Professional affiliations, past and present: American Political Science Association American Society for Public Administration Charter Member, Library of Congress Yonkers, NY Environmental Advisory Committee Scholars for 9/11 Truth Center for Research on Globalization International Studies Association World History Association

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