Is a catastrophic solar storm expected in 2013, and if so, what is being done in preparation for it? That is the question Green Party Congressional Nominee Joseph Diaferia (NY-16) is asking. Referring to the research of British and American astrophysicists, Diaferia is asking if world governments are withholding information regarding an impending global disaster. Diaferia commented, “Again, I wish to be very clear; I am merely inquiring. Is there a potential situation that we should be preparing for?”

In early August, Diaferia made a public inquiry into strange phenomena surrounding Denver International Airport, including strange artistry in its terminal, and reports of tunnel construction beneath its tarmac. Regarding the possibility of solar activity, Diaferia is equally emphatic that he is not making unfounded assertions, but merely seeking information.

According to Diaferia, solar storms, generated by an outburst from the sun, could knock out national power grids and global positioning systems. Further, Diaferia fears such a solar storm could cause blackouts and send millions of homes and businesses into darkness and affect the flow of water from dams and reservoirs. Said Diaferia, “Needless to say, all forms of communication, including the Internet, could be affected, so we need to know if the potential for such a global disaster exists, and we need to know what, if anything is being done to prepare for it. In 1859 a solar phenomenon known as the Carrington Event caused massive failure of telegraph systems in Europe and North America. Imagine the calamity if this were to happen today, given our dependence on electricity.” Diaferia continued, “NASA issued a report in 2009 in which they indicated that a modern day Carrington Event would result in a ‘planetary disaster’ that could take a decade to recover from.”

According to Diaferia, experts have predicted that in early 2013, the sun will reach the peak of its 11-year activity cycle, thereby putting the Earth in greater peril of such storms and their effects. Furthermore, as the world relies on the Internet and other forms of technology, the chaos caused by a 2013 solar storm would obviously have a far greater impact than any such storm in the past. “Again, I wish to be very clear, that I am simply asking. However, I believe that this is a very serious question. Governments, especially our own, are seldom forthcoming, and I know I’m stating the obvious. But I also know that social and economic life is predicated on the thirty-year mortgage—so to speak, and the powers that be have a vested interest in having society believe that the world that we know and love today is going to be here tomorrow. In light of how consensus has eluded all public discourse over whether global warming exists—which it obviously does—why should we conclude that governments are being any more candid with us regarding solar activity?”

Diaferia, in his second run for public office, is calling upon Congress and the public to make serious inquiries into the possibility of cataclysmic solar activity in 2013.



About Joseph Diaferia

Born and raised in Yonkers, NY. Have lived in Yonkers, Rockland County and the Bronx. EDUCATION: Doctoral Studies in Public Policy, at Walden University. Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.) from Walden University, November 2009. Master of Science (M.S.). Long Island University; United Nations Program, February 1994. Bachelor of Arts. The College of New Rochelle, January 1987. PROFESSIONAL I have taught have taught at various institutions of higher learning since 1996. Prior to entering higher education, I worked for the Government of the County of Westchester for 19 years. I have taugh the following courses: US Foreign Policy International Politics Advanced Public Policy US Government and Politics Introductory Political Science Political Parties and Interest Groups State and Municipal Politics Middle Eastern Politics and History US History (All components) World History (All components) European History (All components) Asian History Latin American History Economics Sociology Geography I have taught at the following institutions: Raritan Valley Community College William Paterson University Mercy College Bergen Community College Westchester Community College (SUNY) Pace University Kingsborough Community College (CUNY) The College of New Rochelle The College of New Jersey Empire State College (SUNY) Caldwell College Yeshiva Shaarei Torah I also served as an academic advisor and admissions counselor at Mercy College, NY. I workerd for the Government of the County of Westchester in the following departments: Department of Information Technology: Records and Archives Division. 1999 - 2000. Office of County Clerk: Legal Division and Land Records Division. 1985 - 1998. Department of Finance, 1981 - 1985. Professional affiliations, past and present: American Political Science Association American Society for Public Administration Charter Member, Library of Congress Yonkers, NY Environmental Advisory Committee Scholars for 9/11 Truth Center for Research on Globalization International Studies Association World History Association

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