Colia Clark Releases Campaign Platform

Green Party U. S. Senate candidate from New York State, Colia L. Clark released the following campaign platform earlier today:

Colia L. Liddell LaFayetteClark is committed to a strategy of taking the campaign to the people to address those specific issues and concerns of each target group through dialogue and education. A key element of the campaign is redefining values for work, education, family and community. Colia Clark will participate in community meetings, utilizing every technology and media available, to encourage the New York State community to work with the Green Party in building a self-sufficient NYS and nation.

As US Senator, I will work tirelessly to address the failing economy, failing schools, criminal injustice system, war on Black and Brown communities, assault on the rights of women and girls, US sponsored wars in Asia, Africa and elsewhere on the globe, failing infrastructure, the crisis in energy, food production and other areas of the USA socio-political economy.

“America’s greatest national security is not military might rather; it’s a multi-literate society with healthy, productive people. America’s most precious national treasure is her young.” Colia L. Liddell LaFayette Clark


Freedom Agenda with an Economic Bill of Rights for the 21st Century.


*Every American must have a guaranteed right to a universal education as a constitutional right beginning with daycare through 4 years of college and for terminal degrees for those pursuing degrees in medicine, education, agriculture, engineering, architecture and technology.

*Immediate cancellation of all student loan debt. America’s best national security is a healthy literate people. We as a nation must maintain that security by underwriting the universal education of all our population rather than burdening students with loan debt. No half help our students need full relief.

*Fund the Algebra Project for all students. Increase funding and improve quality of mathematics and science programs.

*Provide funding for remedial and afterschool education.

*Every American student graduating high school must be equipped with the skills and knowledge required to feed, clothe, house, seek productive work or business for themselves with no exceptions.

Early Childhood

*Work hard for child care subsidies and after school programs that serve all American children and youth; including increased funding for SNAPS.

*Work to strengthen and provide increased funding for Project Headstart.

Health Care

I am campaigning for the right to single payer health care with complete eye and dental care. I am running on a platform for a Freedom Agenda for the 21st Century with and Economic Bill of Rights. Education, Health Care, Living Wage and Voting Rights must be fully covered by the US Constitution as constitutional rights for all Americans, including immigrants and their families. There must be universal health care with immediate access to services and facilities with no waiting limit. Complete care for eye and dental, Huntington disease and other human disorders must be fully covered. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Economic Bill of Rights 1944 called for guarantee of health, education and living wage for all Americans. It’s Time we make it US Law.


Constitutional Right to Vote

*I am campaigning to end the war on Americans right to vote. I am campaigning for a constitutional right to vote; including the extension of the right to vote to those in the criminal justice system. End to racist right wing tactics used to disenfranchise voters. Such ugly tactics as the “new poll tax- grandfather-all white primary” tactics designed to deny large sectors of the American democracy the right to participate fully in the American democracy by casting their vote.

I strongly support the 28 Amendment to the US Constitution proposed by the Equal Access Amendment Project.

SECTION1. Citizens of the United States have the right to vote in primary and general elections for President and Vice President, for electors for President and Vice President, for Representatives and Senators in the Congress, and for executive and legislative officers of their state, district, and local legislatures, and such right shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any State.

SECTION2. The right of citizens of the United States to vote and to participate in elections on an equal basis shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any State on account of political-party affiliation or prior condition of incarceration.

SECTION3. The District constituting the seat of Government of the United States shall elect Senators and Representatives in the Congress in such number and such manner as it would be entitled if it were a State.

SECTION4. The Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.


Banks and Financial Giants

*Return of the American TAX Payers dollars with all interest accrued by Wall Street largest banks with provision “Never again” written in to the banking laws.

*Nationalize the five largest US banks.

*Nationalize the Federal Reserve returning all financial operations to US Department of Treasury.

*Will assist responsible New York government Agencies City and Town officials and legislators, Community agencies in establishing the State Bank of New York modeled after North Dakota (ND State Bank established in 1918) which has no deficit or measureable unemployment.


End the nation’s mortgage crisis with a restoration of homes taken through banking scams. Increase protection for Homeowners from mortgage foreclosures, Greater protection of Renters and Tenants Rights; including rent control, rent regulated, and reinstatement and expansion of Section 8. Expansion of Low income and moderate housing.

Criminal Justice System

*End to the war on Black Americans, Latin Americans, Indigenous populations and Nations and the Muslims Community carried out through the auspices of Federal, State and local criminal justice system with oversight of Homeland Security.

*End campaign to create atmosphere of terror and paranoia among US citizens.

*Repeal all legislation designed to reduce the civil liberties, civil rights and human rights of American citizens.

*Repeal ‘Stop and Frisk’

*Repeal of all illegal search and seizures laws and policies that were set in place by the Department of Homeland Security.

*Close the Department of Homeland Security with restoration of rights and privileges of those targeted by the unconstitutional practices of this Department of US government.

*Release of all nonviolent offenders arrested under the Rockefeller Drug Laws with restoration of liberty, property and reintegration into their communities.

*End to solitary confinement, the immediate discontinuation of psychological warfare practiced in prisons through the use of Solitary Confinement.

*Repeal President William Bill Clinton’s ‘Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act’ of 1996.

*Full restoration of habeas corpus with guarantees that never again will it be challenged.

*End to the three strike rule utilized to penalize those in the criminal justice system.

*Close Guantanamo and other military detention centers.

*Make the use of torture a crime punishable with strictest laws.

Immigrants Security

I am campaigning for an end to the illegal war on immigrants.

*End the negative labeling of immigrants as ALIENS.

*Guarantee of all immigrants to a universal education, health care, child care, employment, and access to food stamps, Medicaid, senior citizen care, no threat of a short term presence in USA and no demand to serve in US military.

*Dismantle North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement and the Caribbean Free Trade Agreements

*Open the US Borders to our Southern Neighbors

*Reestablish equitable and fair trade agreements, political and cultural exchange

*Dismantle any and all military operations in the Western Hemisphere render dead forever the Monroe Doctrine and the “colonial backdoor policy”

Private and Public Sector Workers

*Repeal the Taft- Hartley Act with immediate restoration of the Wagner Act which provides “the right to self-organization, to form, join, or assist labor organizations, to bargain collectively through representatives of their own choosing, and to engage in concerted activities for the purpose of collective bargaining or other mutual aid and protection.”

*Guarantee workers right to organize, unionize and collective bargaining as a universal rights covered by the US Constitution

*End the war on Child Care Workers and Child Care Professionals, Postal Workers, Sanitation Workers, Teachers, Hospital and Health Care Workers and Professionals, Transit, Police

*Repeal the New York State Fair Employee Practice Law- The Taylor Law. I will work with New York State legislators and local representative, community and businesses to have the law set aside.

Farm Workers

Guarantee Farm Workers the right to organize and engage in collective bargaining, eight hour day, coverage under OSHA, a six day work week, overtime pay, disability insurance, universal health care, child care, health leave, free schooling from day care through 4 years of college, SNAPS.

Protect farm workers from dangerous pesticides and herbicides; Improve working conditions of farm workers and require farm owners to provide appropriate equipment and protection to workers; Hire inspectors to ensure compliance.

US Soldiers Benefits and Health Care

*Halt tradition of use and abuse of our military soldiers and workers, (Veterans unemployment near double the national average, nearly one third of homeless population are veterans, Veteran Administration medical centers under staffed and poorly organized with insensitivity to soldiers).

*Reintegration of veterans of America’s illegal wars into society, providing quality health care, employment, job and business training, quality housing and adequate care for their families with immediate and full access to veteran resources already available for all US soldiers. Soldiers are not puppets; rather they are men and women who believe deep in their hearts that they were doing the best of service for the citizens of the USA.

*End the war on Women soldiers at home in USA by building programs sensitive to needs of Women.

*Upgrade VA claims process making it pro servicemen and women. Presently there are near a million VA claims backlog.

*End deportation of Immigrant soldiers.

Our Farmers Are Ourselves:America and the WORLD’S Food Crisis

I am campaigning for the immediate repeal of June 23 legislation passed by the US Senate against the wishes of 95% of New York State citizens and the citizens of the USA which makes it legal not to label foods containing genetically modified organisms. Senators Gillibrand and Senator Schumer joined with 71 other US Senators to make “no labeling of genetically modified

organisms in foods” the law of the USA.

Colia Clark stands ready to fight for the food policy presented by the Green Party.

GMO Food

*Repeal the “No labeling of GMO Foods” supported by Senator Gillibran. All Genetically modified foods must be labeled. 91% of the American people said, we want to “Label GMOs”, Senator Gillibran of New York State said, I do not care what the people of New York and the Nation say, I vote, “No Labeling of GMOs”. Genetically Modified Foods (Sanders Amdt 2310-Amdt 3240) US Senate votes June 23, 2012, 72-26 against labeling GMO foods.

*Legislation to require of labeling and registration of genetically modified seeds;

A permanent moratorium on planting and growing genetically modified crops in New York State;

*Ban on life forms genetically engineered to afford a higher tolerance of herbicides and pesticides;

*Ban on the transportation into NY of all genetically engineered agricultural products;

Ban genetically-engineered recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) in milk production.

Enact a Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) law;

Shift public subsidies from corporate processors and distributors, towards on-farm and cooperative processing and marketing;

Direct schools and public agencies not to purchase foods grown abroad with chemicals banned in New York State, or containing imported Milk Protein Concentrates;

Prohibition on corporations from acquiring or otherwise obtaining an interest, whether legal, beneficial, or otherwise, in any title to real estate used for farming or ranching in our state, or engaging in farming or ranching, with some exceptions for locally owned corporations;

Direct agricultural college research away from large-scale, capital-intensive techniques, towards low-input, family sized production. Encourage small-scale family farms, poly-culture crops and regional food supplies. Discourage the transportation of food over long distances to market;

Prohibit insurance company and bank ownership of farmland;

End tax incentives to chain supermarkets; and redirect incentives to establish cooperatively owned farmers markets;

Reduce tax burdens on farmland by ending the regressive property tax system used to fund schools and public services;


Farm, Small Business Development and Public School Partnership: The American family farmer is becoming a thing of the past as food shortages increase. New York State and the nation’s food pantries are at an all-time low. New York City puts 16,000 youth to bed each night without enough food to nourish their growing bodies. This is unacceptable in a nation which has a wealth of land on which to produce food, and the technology, competent farmers and millions of students who need to acquire literacy in agriculture development and stabilization available to make it happen.

We must not let America die on the vine due to an unprecedented corporate greed.

*Farmers partnership with urban high schools, local and urban communities, families, businesses and government to acquire land beyond urban borders for modern agriculture literacy units engaged in all areas of agriculture.

* Competition in International Market Place: Will fight for federal legislation to provide NY and all American farmers with critical finances and resources to compete in the state, national and world market. This will give urgent relief to Middle and small farmers who have been forced out of the market by corporate companies.

*Mass Public Works and Employment, Agric-Business Development: A strong Farm Program will open avenues for mass public employment in development of food, food storage and distribution, mass transit, housing, forestation, waste management and recycling, highway and road development , furniture, clothing, trucking and many other sources of meaningful, productive employment and business development.

Give Our Family Farms the Legislation They Need To Prosper

Expand Organic Agriculture to Benefit Farmers & Consumers

Require agriculture colleges to teach organic and sustainable farming, integrated pest management and other holistic methods;

Underwrite the integration of food/agriculture issues into school curricula at all levels;

Offer Urban Support for Organic Farming

*Develop a price preference for organically produced items (food, textiles, etc.) in state, county and local procurement procedures. The preference should be based on the differential market prices between “organic” and “non-organic” products over a reasonable period of time. This would bring healthier food into schools and hospitals and make the State a partner in supporting organic agriculture and sustainable land practices;

End the Use Of Biocides (Pesticides/ Herbicides/Fungicides)

A halt to aerial and ground-level biocide spraying by cities, schools, forestry and other government agencies, and the development of non-toxic/low impact pest management strategies by all public agencies;

A quick phase-out of fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides containing carcinogens, mutagens and hormone disrupters in food production;

A ban on petrochemical-derived fertilizers and biocides on commercial and residential lawns beginning with golf courses, and coastal and waterside locations;

An end to the exportation of pesticides that are illegal in the United States.

Promote the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Prohibit the routine use on animals of hormones, antibiotics and other chemicals, including genetically engineered compounds;

Require that all animals in captivity, including farm animals, be given a certain amount of outdoor space within which they can move freely and mingle with other animals for at least two hours each day;

Phase out factory farming, including feedlots, the genetic manipulation of farm animals;

Regulate the domestic transportation and slaughter of animals to ensure their humane treatment;

Outlaw all commercial trapping and fur ranching and the use of goods produced from exotic or endangered animals;

Prohibit large scale commercial breeding facilities, such as “puppy mills” because of the massive suffering, overpopulation and ill health such facilities produce;

Guarantee Food Safety

Ban the spreading on farmland of sewage sludge and untreated human wastes;

*Require public schools and hospitals to purchase only organic, non-genetically engineered milk.

Food Security / Urban Agriculture

*Funds for urban gardening to reduce transport costs, fertility wastage, and food insecurity;

*Funds for building public composting facilities to reduce the multimillion ton waste of organic fertility that is discarded into landfills in New York State each year;

*Funds for Community gardens on publicly-owned property so that as many New Yorkers as possible can grow their own food, develop green open spaces for their neighborhoods and give children an opportunity to learn about growing plants;

*Funds for to improve and increase New York City Department of Sanitations large-scale in vessel and worm composting facilities, and the pilot facility of the Lower East Side Ecology Center on the East River in Manhattan.

Military and Wars

*I am campaigning for an end to all wars; bring our troops and finances home.

*Close all foreign military bases including those bases in Germany (67 years), Japan (67 years), Korean (59 years), Iraq, Afghanistan and all across Africa and Asia and the Western World.

*Nationalize all companies building military weapons.

*Cut the military budget by 40% across five years

*Reduce the CIA budget by 50% with understanding that focus of USA is building bridges of peace, mutual trade and understanding.

Occupation of Haiti

I am campaigning to End the US backed UN Occupation of Haiti. I am campaigning for a US foreign policy which pays reparation for the deadly blow to Haiti’s agriculture orchestrated by US President William Bill Clinton.

Cancelation of the Haiti Free Trade Zones.

Campaigning for an end to USA interference in the affairs of Haiti and reparations to Haiti for damages caused beginning with US the illegal invasion of 1915.

Environment and the Eco System

End to destruction of the environment and the increase of global warning.

* Permanent ban on hydro-fracking and shattering the earth shell.

*Repeal legislation for drilling for coal, oil banning these practices forever.

* Repeal legislation that legalizes the development and use of nuclear energy as fuel source

* Mass Development of Solar, Water, Wind,

*Close Indian Point Nuclear Facility and begin waste clean-up, research for solution to disposal of nuclear waste, immediate development of mass solar and ecofriendly jobs for the employees of nuclear facilities with union benefits and wages at present scale. Cancel all proposed openings of nuclear facilities in Georgia, South Carolina and anywhere in USA or its territories.

*Provide an equitable distribution of funds and incentives in the Farm Bill to assist small farmers and landowners so that the temptation of leasing or selling lands to Oil companies in order to cover expense of providing for themselves and their families is avoided, decreasing further fracking investments by corporate oil companies.

*Repeal all legislation that allows for drilling for oil on land or off shore. Demand that drilling companies and their subsidiaries begin immediate clean-up of oil and toxic spills; including rivers and streams, land, forests and the oceans and seas under the direct supervision of the responsible US agency. Companies that are negligent must be nationalized.

*Open Congressional hearings in communities’ and States where there are complaints of health issues, toxic pollution related to oil, nuclear, coal production to determine extent and character of illnesses, and environmental toxicity.


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