Citing the need for national reconciliation and atonement, Green Party Congressional Nominee Joseph Diaferia (NY-16) has unveiled his long awaited proposal for a Federal Truth Commission. Since entering the race for the U.S. House of Representatives last March, Diaferia has called for congressional investigations or inquiries into the clandestine Bilderberg Conference, increased military activity in the skies over the U.S., strange artistry in the Denver International Airport terminal, and the attacks of September 11, 2001. Now, Diaferia is seeking to investigate and/or expose a host of government programs and historic events hitherto concealed from the American public.

Said Diaferia, “Sadly, the United States bears a grim history. It is a history legion with events that would evoke public outrage if widely known. From atrocities committed upon our own people as well as people of other nations, to collusion and complicity with history’s worst mass-murderers, there is a hidden history that belies this country’s legendary beneficence. Events have been deliberately kept out of America’s collective consciousness, lest the American people grow more curious and begin questioning the very system under which they live.”

Asked, if he feared being labeled seditious or “un-American”, Diaferia responded, “My plan to assemble such a commission is, in effect, very pro-American. That so much of our history is hidden actually underscores the very decency of the American people. Indeed, Americans are a great people and our rulers know this. For [the rulers’] purposes, they obviously wouldn’t risk having millions of Americans smashing their TV sets and taking to the streets in outrage upon learning what their government is doing or has done. So [our
rulers] have to lie, hide, or obfuscate information so that only the noblest picture of our history emerges. Unfortunately, this noble picture is largely false. Conventional history books are replete with falsehood and self-congratulation. Their rhapsodic narratives leave the majority of Americans believing, for example, that Columbus was a heroic adventurer, that [Lee Harvey] Oswald killed [President] Kennedy, and that the United States has been only a civilizing and democratizing force for good in the world. Indeed, if I were a Rockefeller, Carnegie, DuPont, or Vanderbilt, I would want only the most adulatory representation of our history to reach mass audiences. “

According to Diaferia, the proposed Commission would be an assemblage of historians and political scientists selected from numerous countries including the United States, and that each continent (with the obvious exception of Antarctica) would be represented proportionately. A smaller, governing committee consisting only of American citizens would have power of subpoena.

The historical time frame to be investigated would begin at the end of World War II, and continue through to the present. The Commission would have the dual function of exposing and publicizing established historical facts hidden heretofore, and investigating events whose evidence remains tentative. For example, Operation Northwoods, now irrefutable since its related documents have been declassified, would be publicized assiduously, while allegations of a CIA role in the murder of John Lennon would first be investigated and then exposed if necessary.

According to Diaferia, the “enormity” of the 9/11 conspiracy is such that a separate investigative commission should be assembled.

Diaferia reports that the work of said Commission could take up to a decade to complete as “there are so many events and government programs that need to be explored”. Diaferia has appended a list of items that he would ask the commission to investigate, and he invites readers to search engine any of the listed items. They are as follows:

1.) Operation Paperclip/Vatican Ratlines: Nazi war criminals granted safe haven in the U.S.

2.) The role of the Bush syndicate in Operation Paperclip.

3.) The Gehlen Organization: U.S./GESTAPO collusion before the end of World War II

4.) Operation Gladio: CIA infiltration of Italian politics (lasting into the 1980s).

5.) Operation Ajax: The CIA overthrow of Mohammed Mossadeq in Iran (Persia) in 1953.

6.) Operation 40/Bay of Pigs Invasion of Cuba in 1961.

7.) Operation Northwoods (1962): A plan for a U.S. attack on itself, to be blamed on Cuba.

8.) The Lavon Affair (Operation Susannah): Israeli attacks on U.S. interests in Egypt in 1954.

9.) The CIA overthrow of Guatemalan President Jacobo Arbenz in 1954.

10.) Role of the NY Catholic Archdiocese in the overthrow of Jacobo Arbenz.

11.) Operation Cannonbone: A US plan to invade Iraq in 1958.

12.) The US occupation of Lebanon in 1958.

13.) The death of U.N. Secretary General Dag Hammarskjöld in 1961.

14.) The murder of Congolese Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba, in 1961.

15.) The CIA overthrow and murder of Abdel Karem Kassem in Iraq in 1963.

16.) The murder of South Vietnamese President Ngo Din Diem in 1963.

17.) The murder of Dominican leader Rafael Trujillo in 1961.

18.) The U.S. overthrow of the Dominican government and subsequent invasion in 1965.

19.) The role of George H.W. Bush in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

20.) The role of Richard Nixon in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

21.) The role of Gerald R. Ford in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

22.) The role of Lyndon B. Johnson in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

23.) The Tonkin Gulf non-event which led to the escalation of the U.S. war in Vietnam.

24.) The role of the CIA in the Indonesian holocaust (one million dead) in 1965.

25.) The CIA overthrow of the Greek government in 1967.

26.) The history of U.S. atrocities in Haiti, including the kidnapping of President Aristide

27.) The role of the CIA in the murder of Ernesto “Che” Guevara in 1967.

28.) The U.S. cover-up of the Israeli attack on the U.S.S. Liberty in 1967.

29.) Operation CHAOS/Huston Plan: Domestic espionage by the CIA.

30.) Operation Mockingbird: Infiltration of news media by the CIA.

31.) The murder of U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy in 1968.

32.) The secret bombing of Cambodia and U.S. support for the Khmer Rouge regime.

33.) The U.S. use of Agent Orange in Vietnam.

34.) The assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King.

35.) COINTELPRO and the surveillance and assassinations of Black activists in the US.

36.) Connections between the Watergate Scandal and the assassination of J.F.K.

37.) CIA mind control programs known as MK-ULTRA and MK-SEARCH.

38.) The role of the CIA, the U.S. military, and commercial banks, in drug-trafficking since the 1960s.

39.) Biological warfare and population reduction initiatives known as MK-NAOMI.

40.) Rockefeller family control of the pharmaceuticals industries.

41.) Rockefeller family control of medical research syndicates.

42.) The overthrow and murder of Chilean President Salvador Allende in 1973.

43.) The role of the CIA in the murder of Chilean diplomat Orlando Letelier in 1976.

44.) The role of the CIA in the bombing of Cubana de Aviación Flight 455, in 1976.

45.) Decades of Rockefeller/Bush support for population reduction initiatives.

46.) Henry Kissinger’s plan for global population reduction (NSSM200 — 1974)

47.) The CIA and Vatican role in the assassination of Archbishop Oscar Romero, in 1980.

48.) The death of Panamanian leader Omar Torrijos in 1981.

49.) A possible Bush connection to the attempt on President Ronald Reagan’s life (1981).

50.) U.S. collusion with the Iranian government of Ayatollah Khomeini.

51.) U.S. support for both sides during the Iran/Iraq War.

52.) U.S. support for brutal regimes and death squad tactics in Latin America

53.) The School of the Americas (S.O.A.) (Later renamed).

54.) The death of Bob Marley, and a possible connection to the son of William Colby.

55.) The death for former CIA director William Colby (1996).

56.) The murder of former U.S. Representative Allard Lowenstein (1980).

57.) The murder of John Lennon; specifically a Frank Sturgis/E. Howard Hunt connection.

58.) The downing of KAL Flight 007 over Sakhalin, USSR in 1983.

59.) REX-84: A plan for the suspension of the U.S. Constitution, followed by martial law.

60.) Continued support for the Iraqi regime under Saddam Hussein.

61.) The deaths of over three million Iraqis at the hands of the US since 1991.

62.) Reports of a nuclear explosion in southern Iraq on February 27, 1991 (Desert Storm).

63.) The use of depleted uranium munitions in Iraq and elsewhere.

64.) The Franklin Scandal/Cover-up (Known in some circles as simply, “Omaha”).

65.) Research conducted in U.S. Government facility on Plum Island, NY.

66.) The Skull Valley Incident (Occurring in 1969, with lasting consequences).

67.) Purposeful releases of radiation from weapons facilities throughout the 1950-60s

68.) The U.S. Navy spraying of bacteria upon San Francisco in 1950.

69.) A CIA biological test in Tampa FLA., resulting in a pertussis epidemic (1955).

70.) A report in 1994 of hundreds of Americans injected with plutonium in the 1940s.

71.) The spraying of New York, St. Louis and Minneapolis with toxic chemicals in the 1960s.

72.) The role of the CIA, BND, and Turkish intelligence in the shooting of Pope John Paul II.

73.) The Bilderberg Conference, Trilateral Commission, and Council on Foreign Relations.

74.) The purpose and capability of the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP)

75.) The shoot down of TWA Flight 800 on July 17, 1996.

76.) Reports of an attempt on the life of Vice-President Al Gore in 1999.

77.) Global Hawk technology

78.) Voice changing or “morphing” technology reportedly perfected at Los Alamos, NM.

79.) The stolen Presidential Elections of 2000 and 2004.

80.) Reports of a threatened coup by the Bush syndicate against President Barack Obama

Diaferia, a professor at numerous colleges and university in the New York/New Jersey area since 1996, believes “we can only move forward as a nation and as the the great people that we are, when there has been a thoroughgoing and introspective examination of our history. We are too great a people to overlook the very things about America that most other countries are painfully aware of.


About Joseph Diaferia

Born and raised in Yonkers, NY. Have lived in Yonkers, Rockland County and the Bronx. EDUCATION: Doctoral Studies in Public Policy, at Walden University. Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.) from Walden University, November 2009. Master of Science (M.S.). Long Island University; United Nations Program, February 1994. Bachelor of Arts. The College of New Rochelle, January 1987. PROFESSIONAL I have taught have taught at various institutions of higher learning since 1996. Prior to entering higher education, I worked for the Government of the County of Westchester for 19 years. I have taugh the following courses: US Foreign Policy International Politics Advanced Public Policy US Government and Politics Introductory Political Science Political Parties and Interest Groups State and Municipal Politics Middle Eastern Politics and History US History (All components) World History (All components) European History (All components) Asian History Latin American History Economics Sociology Geography I have taught at the following institutions: Raritan Valley Community College William Paterson University Mercy College Bergen Community College Westchester Community College (SUNY) Pace University Kingsborough Community College (CUNY) The College of New Rochelle The College of New Jersey Empire State College (SUNY) Caldwell College Yeshiva Shaarei Torah I also served as an academic advisor and admissions counselor at Mercy College, NY. I workerd for the Government of the County of Westchester in the following departments: Department of Information Technology: Records and Archives Division. 1999 - 2000. Office of County Clerk: Legal Division and Land Records Division. 1985 - 1998. Department of Finance, 1981 - 1985. Professional affiliations, past and present: American Political Science Association American Society for Public Administration Charter Member, Library of Congress Yonkers, NY Environmental Advisory Committee Scholars for 9/11 Truth Center for Research on Globalization International Studies Association World History Association

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