New Years Greeting

Happy New Year,

Last year seems a page from a horrific novel with one dread after the other crowding the text. We made it through with good hard work and our eyes fastened on the goal of liberties and human dignity for all human kind. We lifted high our love for a planet free of human devastation, pollution and waste. We stood together through the storms. I thank you for the guidance and leadership that you provided.

I look forward to working with you in the coming year. We must continue to plough for a Haiti, South and Central America and Caribbean harvest of self-determination and self-reliance in 2013. I know that it can be done with your immense talents.

As we work to assist in the freeing of our Southern neighbors from the powerful grip of US imperialism, we have the ever present reality of the encroachment on civil liberties, labor rights, youth and students, the elderly, women within an overarching paradigm that crushes Africana and Latino, Indigenous, Muslims and Asians here in the USA.

As If these ugly facts were not enough, there linger still the wars of colonization and imperial aggression in 102 countries of the world. There is growing discontent and resistance in Azania (South Africa) and all of Africa and West Asia. The year 2013 will undoubtedly find the economic calamities of the greedy and irresponsible super wealthy creating more entrenched poverty and destitution.

“The land is in poverty and decay. No one weeps for the land”. (Paraphrase of lines from the Prophecy of Nefer Rohu  (Kemet 2650 B.C.) Our planet is in peril. The monsters who would destroy us work daily to destroy the only planet we have as home. No doubt Mother Nature will realign herself at great peril to all humanity. Ironically the enemies of human kind are bringers of death to all life including their own.

 In spite of these multifaceted issues and challenges, we must remain hopeful and diligent. We who struggle to dismantle and disarm this monster are the hope for ourselves and future generations of world citizens. What is more we are the moral imperative which we so desire.

I look forward to the work. I look forward to your leadership and guidance and we face the stormy seasons of 2013. My love and best wishes to you and family.

In Lasting Friendship and Solidarity,


In Lasting Solidarity and Friendship,

Colia L. Clark
P.O.Box 7631
New York, NY 10150
646-657-7207 or 877-532-6438 ext.0

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