Hank Bardel – 2012 Campaign Report

On March 17,2012 I attended the meeting of the NYS GP State Committee. At that meeting I announced my candidacy for congress from the 11th Congressional District of NYS. On that day I also made a campaign video with Seecraig.

 My platform called for Peace, Single Payer Healthcare, Support of the Environment, Support of Education, Jobs and the Economy,and support of the  Occupy Wall Street Movement. I made my campaign bank account and website official. I had 8 people on my campaign staff.
I and 2 others worked for 11 day getting signatures on petitions to get on the ballot. On 4/16/12 I submitted 26 signatures and my acceptance form to the Board of Elections. I did this with the help of the Green Team.
On May 1st, I attended the demonstration at Union Square in support of Occupy Wall Street and Economic Democracy. I then walked with thousands of others down Broadway. I issued a press release about it on 5/3/12.
On 6/8/12 I issued another press release to turn the SI Ferry Terminal at St George SI into an Art Tourist Attraction. This would increase business for small businesses on SI. On 7/28/12 I attended the Peace Action Barbecue on SI as a candidate. On 8/14/12 I sent out a press release on my Legislative Agenda.
I was interviewed by The Libertarian Progressive.com website on 9/21/12, on 9/25/12 I was interviewed by City and State online news and on 10/11/12 interviewed by NY1.com .
The Siena Research Institute of Siena College,NY released a poll showing that I was receiving 6% of the vote. This led to interviews and media write ups. 
I gave 2 speeches. One speech was given at the SI Peace Action demonstration on 10/3/12. I gave another speech to the Pleasant Plains, Princes Bay, Richmond Valley Civic Assn. candidate forum on 10/15/12.
Newspaper articles were written about me in the SI Advance on 4/15/12 and 8/15/12. I was written up in the Bensonhurst Bean on 6/22/12 and the Bayridge Odyssey on 6/26/12. A letter to the editor was written to the SI Advance about my candidacy and published on 10/15/12. My candidacy was mentioned in the SI Advance 6 times.
I created a campaign leaflet on my legislative agenda on 9/25/12. I distributed it at least 10 times on Staten Island and South Ferry in Manhattan with the help of 2 people.
My final vote tally was 1939 or 1% of the total vote. I was also on Facebook, Twitter and the Green Team website. I received campaign help from the Green Team and a campaign donation from the NYS Green Party.

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