My report on the Gravesend Bay rally

Tony’s report on the rally in Gravesend opposing the proposed garbage transfer station

Gronowicz for Mayor

gravesend-bay-sewage1I arrived early at the site where the latest environmental horror is scheduled to be visited upon the people and the wildlife in Gravesend Bay, teeming with the greatest diversity of fish on the city’s coastline.

Assemblyman Bill Colton was gracious enough to give me a personal tour and history before the scheduled news conference.  When my turn came to speak, I recognized Mitchel Cohen, Chair of Brooklyn Greens, who received applause from the 100 or so at the gathering, as well as recognizing Assemblyman Colton for his tireless efforts in attempting to halt this waste transfer station (For a heartbreaking story of how incapable the Democratic and Republican parties are in protecting our health, see “Bittersweet Deal in 22-year Fight Over Toxic Site,” New York Times, August 11, 2013).

I also mentioned the important role that enrolled Green and environmental lawyer Joel Kuperferman has played for Assemblyman Colton in drafting legal arguments in this community’s fight. The most applause occurred when I pointed…

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