22 Ideas for District 22

There are so many great things here in our neighborhood.  But there is still a lot we can do to make our district and Queens a better place to live for the seniors, families and young people here today.

In fact, I have 22 ideas for District 22.

  1. Community centers serve, you guessed it, the community.  A multi-purpose state of art community center as part of the proposed Hallets Point or Astoria Cove developments near Astoria Houses would benefit everyone.  Green vocational job training and other adult education classes can be held there, while also providing a safe space for kids, teens and the elderly to relax, learn and have fun. Read more.
  2. It’s time for everyone to have access to healthy food.  That means an affordable supermarket for the Astoria Peninsula across 21st Street, and healthy senior and school lunch programs citywide.  Kids can’t learn when they are hungry! Eating right keeps us healthy and it’s important that everyone has the same access to fresh food so they can make the right choices. Read more.
  3. Participatory Budgeting: your money, you decide! Finally the many can decide how their taxes are spent, instead of the few. Read more.
  4. Reading is fundamental.  It’s time to bring seven-day library service to Western Queens.  That’s an easy one. Read more.
  5. We live in a very diverse community. An Immigrant Entrepreneurship Program will teach small business owners about the resources available to help them start and grow their businesses. Read more.
  6. We have too many vacant lots and brownfields.  It’s time to Green Those Lots Up! By installing rain gardens and bio swales to catch storm water runoff, we not only make our neighborhood bloom but protect and repair our environment. And more community gardens allow us to grow local food!
  7. Accessibility to subways and taxis is very important for the elderly, mobility impaired and parents with strollers.  We need elevators at more stations along the N, Q and R lines and more reliable service from Access-A-Ride.
  8. I want to get everyone involved by starting a Greenest Block competition and grant program.  Business and residents can join together to make their block the greenest by maintaining and planting tree pits, adding benches and other green improvements.
  9. It’s time for an ambitious Municipal food waste pilot project in District 22.  Citywide, we ship 1.2 million tons of food waste to landfills every year at a cost of nearly one billion dollars.  By finally composting our kitchen scraps we’ll not only save the environment, but save our budget as well.
  10. We need a ban on single-use, nonbiodegradable plastic bags, and the 800,000 Styrofoam lunch trays used in our schools every day.  Styrofoam alone can take hundreds of years to decompose.  That’s a terrible legacy to leave our children.
  11. Bring Back leaf collection and Mulch givebacks!  People love their mulch. So do trees!
  12. We collect trash on our city streets, why not recycling too.  We need street level recycling bins along our busy commercial corridors and high foot traffic areas.
  13. Investment in solar & wind energy is essential to our future. Our flat roofs are perfect for solar panels, and will reduce demand on our grid, especially during peak times in the summer.
  14. Energy Efficiency at Home. This is good for tenants,  landlords and the environment.  A lot of people want to make their homes energy efficient, they just lack the tools or know about the resources that already exist! Energy efficiency will lower utility bills, improve indoor air quality and reduce asthma, decreasing everyone’s medical bills.
  15. Share the Road! New York is becoming a cycling city, and we need to encourage pedestrian and cyclist safety with more dedicated bike lanes, bike racks on buses, and wider bike share coverage.
  16. The time for the Newtown Pedestrian Plaza has come.  An open green space with planters, seats and tables would not only promote local businesses but traffic calm a confusing and unsafe intersection.
  17. Our waterfront should be open to everyone.  We need to protect our waterfront access from being boxed away by big developments.  At the same time we need expanded ferry service for existing residents and all the new commuters moving in.
  18. The new Traffic Calming methods of the DOT have been working in the city and we need more of it here, especially on 21st Street, 33rd Street and near all of our schools. There are many options, like curb build outs and countdown clocks that would fix dangerous corridors and I encourage the DOT to get their trucks down here and get to work!
  19. Dog owners have been clamoring for a Dog Run of their own in the neighborhood and it’s time to make that happen.  They may not vote, but our furry four legged friends deserve a clean and safe place to play.
  20. Astoria Park is an amazing resource for free outdoor recreation. It’s time for year-round, permanent Ping Pong in the Park!
  21. Swimming at Astoria Pool is great exercise for all age groups — but we need to start the Lap Swim program as soon as the pool, not two weeks later.
  22. And finally, we need increased bus service and accessibility to subways.  It would take a decade or more for new subway lines to be constructed, but we can increase bus service and start new lines today.

Those are just some of my ideas. Now I want to hear from you! We’ll highlight an issue a day for the next 22 days, while we collect your ideas. Then, we’ll ask you to rank the ideas in your order of preference (1,2,3…)

Please join the conversation and VOTE GREEN on November 5th.


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