Report on MNN debates

Tom Siracuse for NYC Council

Thanks to MNN-TV for getting the NY League of Women Voters to host two separate debates recorded on Oct. 9 among the Manhattan Council candidates for District 6 and 7.   The League’s  moderator who made up the questions was Adrianne Kivelson and each debate was to last 30 minutes.   Stina Gonzalez, the Green candidate for Council District 7 was supposed to debate Mark Levine. the Democrat, but he declined.  When Adrianne tried to get Stina to reduce her time to 15 minutes because her opponent did not show, Stina stood her ground and insisted on the full 30 minutes as was originally agreed.

I, Tom Siracuse, Green Candidate for District 6, debated Helen Rosenthal, the Democrat, and Harry DeMell, the Republican.  I challenged Helen’s typically Democrat empty rhetoric on the issues.  Housing and education  were the main topics.  Helen said affordable housing was critical in keeping the district livable and diverse.  I asked Helen why…

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