The other side of the ballot

With all the focus of the upcoming election on the candidates running for office, the ballot proposals on the back of the ballot are garnering little attention.  While the Green Party is not taking any particular positions on these six proposed amendments, some of our Green Team candidates have been asked where they stand. We do think it’s important for our candidates to know the pros and cons of what they’re about in order to give reasoned and principled answers…and so that you can make an informed choice.

While some of these proposals may not be of great interest or relevance to most of us, some of them may have  ramifications well beyond the specific issues or localities they’re addressing.

As a public service, we’re providing links to two sources we’ve found that provide an overview of these proposals with opinions from diverse groups and individuals, and background on the politics that may be behind them.

The first is provided by the Campaign Finance Board: New York State Ballot Proposals. The wording of the proposals as they’ll appear on the ballot is provided, along with reasons to vote “Yes” or “No”, and the sources that provided these opinions.

The second is provided by our friends at the Gotham Gazette:  6 Proposals On November’s Ballot And What They Mean. They also have the text of the proposals, and offer their opinions of the proposal’s merits from a political perspective.


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