Hawkins / Jimenez Moreland Corruption Garner

Ramon Jimenez for NYS Attorney General

The Corruption at the Heart of Moreland Commission Goes Far Beyond Watergate


A Joint Statement by Howie Hawkins and Ramon Jimenez

The Green Party was the main critic of the Moreland Commission when it was first created in July of 2013. Our warnings, unheeded as they were, have unfortunately proven true.

“The Green Party said it was doubtful that the Commission would do much to prosecute elected officials for corruption, despite the tidal wave of cases against state legislators in the last decade brought by US Attorneys, not countyDA’s. The Commission is just another bully pulpit for the Governor to talk but not act on ethics and campaign finance reform in the state legislature – something he was not up to the task of pushing through during his first three years in office.

“Cuomo’s own fundraising needs to be a principal target of the newly appointed Moreland Commission, starting with…

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