Demand that Theresa Portelli be included in the Comptroller candidates debate

Baruch College will play host to a live televised debate by Time Warner Cable / NY1 News for NY State comptroller candidates on Wednesday, Oct. 15th at 7:00 pm. Not all candidates have been invited, however. That would include Green Party candidate Theresa Portelli. We need to demand that Theresa be included.

There are no credible, practical or rational reasons for excluding from a debate those candidates who have successfully petitioned or been nominated by their respective parties to appear on the ballot. Of course, excuses are made: the candidate hasn’t raised enough money, or doesn’t have a strong showing in the polls, or is going to lose anyway, so why bother? Well, gee, thanks, but no thanks for deciding who we should hear from and who you’ve deemed as credible.

Enough is enough. Let’s do what we can to get Theresa included. Errol Louis of NY1 News will be the moderator of the debate. Over the years, he’s been very friendly and helpful to Greens. Let’s see if we can enlist his help again. He can be contacted at the following:



Twitter: @errollouis

We can also call Baruch College at  646-312-1000, or we can send feedback to NY1 News / TWC at

If all else fails, let’s rally at Baruch College on Oct. 15 in support of Theresa and open debates.


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