Press Conference at 100 Centre Street – 10/10/14

Ramon Jimenez for NYS Attorney General

Pics from the Hawkins / Jimenez press conference at 100 Centre St. on Friday. Accompanying them was Occupy Wall Street protester, Cicely McMillan, who was found “Not Guilty” of obstruction charges that same day.

The press conference was arranged to call for expunging the records of all those victimized by “Stop and Frisk ” arrests during the Bloomberg / Kelly reign of terror, and  to propose that non violent drug crimes be treated as a medical problem requiring treatment rather than imprisonment.

Photos courtesy of Gabriele Holtermann-Gorden

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10710325_10152835006442164_2786149835420283159_o 10694244_10152835006272164_3276255008777682858_o
10636567_10152835006322164_6259079147323210642_o 10661843_10152835006397164_3871511816741043235_o

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