These are the Green Party recommendations for voting on the ballot proposals that will appear on the back of Tuesday’s ballot. Here’s why:

[NOTE: The following reasons were provided by the Downtown Independent Democratic Club, not by the Green Party. None-the-less, we agree on all counts.]

VOTE NO ON PROPOSAL ONE – Redistricting “reform”

Changes to the Constitution are very serious. Once a change is made it is extremely difficult to modify.

We encourage voters to reject this sham redistricting amendment. We strongly support real redistricting reform. This amendment enshrines the anti-democratic, partisan gerrymandering system into our state constitution.

Rather than an independent panel, this proposal sets up a commission of partisan appointees – and will undoubtedly result in continued gerrymandered districts. (The word “independent” was even removed from the ballot by court order.)

“Better than nothing” is not good enough. We need true and independent reform. For more information, visit

VOTE YES ON PROPOSAL TWO – Electronic Distribution of Legislative Bills

This would allow the legislature to distribute proposed legislation electronically as a PDF instead of on paper. A good idea and a long time in coming.

VOTE NO PROPOSAL THREE – “Smart” Schools Bond Act

This would borrow $2 Billion for technology in schools (interest is extra!). While we support technology in schools:

  1. This proposal would permit state funds to also finance “nonpublic” schools (private and parochial) – a dangerous precedent.
  2. 30-year taxpayer debt obligation, or even 15-year, for equipment that will be obsolete in 3 to 5 years is not sound fiscal policy. Long-term debt should not be used for short-term operating costs.
  3. There is concern that this is aimed directly at testing, consuming education resources better spent elsewhere.
  4. NY State is already close to its statutory debt limit and is 2nd highest in the nation in debt.

We encourage the legislature to properly fund NY public schools, and not to privatize our schools or rely on long-term debt for short-term operating costs.


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  1. Cameron McFadden

    BIG THANK YOU !!! I will share this at work tomorrow before I go to the polls.


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