About Us

Green Team 2017 (Green Team Committee, ID number A83779.) is a campaign committee for Green Party candidates running in New York City and surrounding counties. Our intention is to support  candidates in New York through sharing of information and resources, and coordinating our various campaigns with a common platform and message.

We are organized under New York State Campaign Finance Law as a multi-candidate committee with the NY State Board of Elections Campaign Finance Unit, responsible for filing periodic financial disclosure reports to the NYS Board of Elections on behalf of those candidates who have authorized us to do so. In addition, we are an unauthorized committee for those candidates who prefer to do their own filing, or for candidates whom we choose to support. We also provide assistance to Federal candidates  who must file with the Federal Election Commission.

For more information, you may contact us at the following:

Address: Green Team Committee, 2267 Haviland Ave. #1i, Bronx, NY 10462

Phone: 347-948-4010

Email: GreenTeamCommittee@gmail.com

Chair: John Reynoldsjohnreynolds2001@gmail.com

Secretary-Treasurer: Carl Lundgren – bronxgreens1@verizon.net