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Two more Green Party candidates join the Green Team 2017 roster

Green Team 2017 is beginning to shape up nicely for this year’s citywide elections. Two more candidates were registered with the NYC and NYS Boards Of Election yesterday: Julia Willebrand for NYC Comptroller and Florindo Troncelliti for Council District 7 in Manhattan.

Here is the GT2017 roster as it now stands:

  • Julia Willebrand, NYC Comptroller
  • James Lane, NYC Public Advocate
  • Hank Bardel, Staten Island Borough President
  • Florindo Troncelliti, Council District 7, Manhattan
  • Carl Lundgren, Council District 18, Bronx

We’ll be announcing more candidates in the next week or two. Petitioning to get our candidates on the ballot begins Tuesday, June 6th.

Green Team 2017 is the working name for the Green Team Committee, registered with the NYS Board of Elections as a multi-candidate committee. Although there are other Green Party candidates running, the Green Team promotes and serves as an authorized or unauthorized campaign committee for those candidates who choose to work with us. Because the NYC Campaign Finance Board requires that citywide and council candidates establish individual, authorized committees, the Green Team will be offering other candidate services this year. We are independent of the Green Party of New York State. To see a list of other Green Party candidates running in NY this year, visit




Harlem Rally For Justice, Sunday Sept. 25

Green Team candidates on the ballot

petition filing

On July 14, Green Team 2016 filed designating petitions for 8 Green Party candidates running in NYC. Their petitions received no objections or challenges, so all will be on the Election Day ballot. Along with the two candidates for Congress who we filed back in April, plus two other candidates whom we’re supporting, we will have 12 candidates running in NYC,  Nassau and Westchester Counties.

Here is the Green Team 2016 candidate roster:

  • U.S. Congress
    • Frank Francois, CD5 – Queens / Nassau County
    • Henry Bardel, CD 11 – Staten Island / Brooklyn
    • Daniel Vila, CD13 – Manhattan / Bronx
  • NY State Senate
    • Laurence Hirsh, SD9 – Nassau County
    • Julia Willebrand, SD31 – Manhattan
    • Carl Lundgren, SD34 – Bronx / Westchester County
  • NY State Assembly
    • Jeffery Peress, AD13 – Nassau County
    • Patrick Dwyer, AD46 – Brooklyn
    • Manny Cavaco, AD65 – Manhattan
    • Donal Butterfield, AD73 – Manhattan
    • Scott Hutchins, AD74 – Manhattan
    • Daniel Zuger, AD85 – Bronx

For more information on each of the candidates, visit their pages on this site.


Bardel 2016 — Hank Bardel for Congress

Bardel 2016 is the official name for Hank’s Congressional campaign committee. We opened an account today with the union friendly Amalgamated Bank and filed with the Federal Election Commission. Our Contribution page will be ready in a couple of days.

via Bardel 2016 — Hank Bardel for Congress

Hank is mentioned in SI Advance article — Hank Bardel for Congress

[NOTE: Printed below is an article that appears in today’s Staten Island Advance about the Congressional race in CD 11 which also includes Hank. While we’re pleased that Hank is mentioned, as is usual with the mainstream press, when mentioning the Green Party, it’s only as an “also running.” But a little bit more troubling is the […]

via Hank is mentioned in SI Advance article — Hank Bardel for Congress

Petition Filing at the BOE


Green Party Congressional candidates Daniel Vila, CD13, Manhattan – Bronx (l) and Henry Bardel, CD11, Staten Island – Brooklyn (r) stirring things up at the Stir Cafe, next door to the NYC BOE.

The Green Team Committee filed designating petitions for Congressional candidates Daniel Vila Rivera (CD13, Manhattan / Bronx) and Henry J. Bardel (CD11, Staten Island / Brooklyn) this past Thursday, April 14th, with the Board of Elections in NYC. We set up shop at the Stir Cafe next door to the BOE to collect, clean and bind the petition volumes and then submitted them to the BOE.

The cafe has a large dining room in the rear that is not utilized very often in the evenings, so it’s a great place to use as a central location to meet with the candidates and petitioning volunteers. As long as we make a purchase, the staff has no problem with us.

If all goes well with the petitions (so far, so good), Danny and Hank will appear on the November ballot.

In addition to Danny and Hank, petitions were filed in Albany for Green candidates Matt Funicello (CD21, Adirondack Region) and Frank Francois (CD5, Queens / Nassau).

Next up is the petitioning period for State Senate and State Assembly, beginning on June 7th.

My Interview on Left Agenda

From Lundgren for State Senate

Lundgren for State Senate


This is getting to be a habit! I was Stewart Alexander’s guest once again on Blog Talk Radio, this time for the first hour of the”Left Agenda” program, to discuss the topic “The Left Being Divided By The Right’s Politics.” Click the button to the left to hear the interview.

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Interview with John Reynolds on Blog Talk Radio, Monday Nov. 2nd

Green Ecosocialist Movement

Left Agenda with Stewart Alexander: Monday November 2, 2015, Comrade John Reynolds will be our guest to discuss his candidacy to be the New York State Chair for the Socialist Party USA. Comrade Reynolds will discuss challenges facing third parties and third party candidates in America; and as a socialist, we will ask John Reynolds, is America ready for socialism. We will also discuss the difference between Socialist Presidential Candidate Mimi Soltysik, Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) Presidential Candidate Gloria La Riva, Social Democratic Candidate Bernie Sanders, and Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein; which candidates are revolutionary, reformers, or moderates. Tune in to Blog Talk Radio, Left Agenda with Stewart Alexander, 7:00 PM Eastern and 4:00 PM Pacific.

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Colia Clark keynote speaker at Kingston NY Juneteenth Celebration

juneteenth flyer


These are the Green Party recommendations for voting on the ballot proposals that will appear on the back of Tuesday’s ballot. Here’s why:

[NOTE: The following reasons were provided by the Downtown Independent Democratic Club, not by the Green Party. None-the-less, we agree on all counts.]

VOTE NO ON PROPOSAL ONE – Redistricting “reform”

Changes to the Constitution are very serious. Once a change is made it is extremely difficult to modify.

We encourage voters to reject this sham redistricting amendment. We strongly support real redistricting reform. This amendment enshrines the anti-democratic, partisan gerrymandering system into our state constitution.

Rather than an independent panel, this proposal sets up a commission of partisan appointees – and will undoubtedly result in continued gerrymandered districts. (The word “independent” was even removed from the ballot by court order.)

“Better than nothing” is not good enough. We need true and independent reform. For more information, visit

VOTE YES ON PROPOSAL TWO – Electronic Distribution of Legislative Bills

This would allow the legislature to distribute proposed legislation electronically as a PDF instead of on paper. A good idea and a long time in coming.

VOTE NO PROPOSAL THREE – “Smart” Schools Bond Act

This would borrow $2 Billion for technology in schools (interest is extra!). While we support technology in schools:

  1. This proposal would permit state funds to also finance “nonpublic” schools (private and parochial) – a dangerous precedent.
  2. 30-year taxpayer debt obligation, or even 15-year, for equipment that will be obsolete in 3 to 5 years is not sound fiscal policy. Long-term debt should not be used for short-term operating costs.
  3. There is concern that this is aimed directly at testing, consuming education resources better spent elsewhere.
  4. NY State is already close to its statutory debt limit and is 2nd highest in the nation in debt.

We encourage the legislature to properly fund NY public schools, and not to privatize our schools or rely on long-term debt for short-term operating costs.

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