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Two more Green Party candidates join the Green Team 2017 roster

Green Team 2017 is beginning to shape up nicely for this year’s citywide elections. Two more candidates were registered with the NYC and NYS Boards Of Election yesterday: Julia Willebrand for NYC Comptroller and Florindo Troncelliti for Council District 7 in Manhattan.

Here is the GT2017 roster as it now stands:

  • Julia Willebrand, NYC Comptroller
  • James Lane, NYC Public Advocate
  • Hank Bardel, Staten Island Borough President
  • Florindo Troncelliti, Council District 7, Manhattan
  • Carl Lundgren, Council District 18, Bronx

We’ll be announcing more candidates in the next week or two. Petitioning to get our candidates on the ballot begins Tuesday, June 6th.

Green Team 2017 is the working name for the Green Team Committee, registered with the NYS Board of Elections as a multi-candidate committee. Although there are other Green Party candidates running, the Green Team promotes and serves as an authorized or unauthorized campaign committee for those candidates who choose to work with us. Because the NYC Campaign Finance Board requires that citywide and council candidates establish individual, authorized committees, the Green Team will be offering other candidate services this year. We are independent of the Green Party of New York State. To see a list of other Green Party candidates running in NY this year, visit




GT2016 NYSBOE Certified Election Results

The New York State Board of Elections certified the 2016 General Election results on Dec. 21. Here’s how our Green Team candidates did:

Green Team candidates on the ballot

petition filing

On July 14, Green Team 2016 filed designating petitions for 8 Green Party candidates running in NYC. Their petitions received no objections or challenges, so all will be on the Election Day ballot. Along with the two candidates for Congress who we filed back in April, plus two other candidates whom we’re supporting, we will have 12 candidates running in NYC,  Nassau and Westchester Counties.

Here is the Green Team 2016 candidate roster:

  • U.S. Congress
    • Frank Francois, CD5 – Queens / Nassau County
    • Henry Bardel, CD 11 – Staten Island / Brooklyn
    • Daniel Vila, CD13 – Manhattan / Bronx
  • NY State Senate
    • Laurence Hirsh, SD9 – Nassau County
    • Julia Willebrand, SD31 – Manhattan
    • Carl Lundgren, SD34 – Bronx / Westchester County
  • NY State Assembly
    • Jeffery Peress, AD13 – Nassau County
    • Patrick Dwyer, AD46 – Brooklyn
    • Manny Cavaco, AD65 – Manhattan
    • Donal Butterfield, AD73 – Manhattan
    • Scott Hutchins, AD74 – Manhattan
    • Daniel Zuger, AD85 – Bronx

For more information on each of the candidates, visit their pages on this site.


Green Team 2016 Candidates file with NYSBOE

GT2016_FB_COVERGreen Team 2016 (Green Team Committee) filed forms with the NY State Board of Elections today notifying them of the candidates we’ll be supporting this year. The next step will be to gather petition signatures in order to be placed on the ballot. Petitioning is set to begin on Tuesday,  June 7th and filed from July 11—14.

The 2016 Green Team candidates are:

  • Julia Willebrand, NY State Senate District 31 (Manhattan)
  • Carl Lundgren,  NY State Senate District 34 (Bronx/Westchester)
  • Ann Eagan, NY State Assembly District 69 (Manhattan)
  • Don Butterfield, NY State Assembly District 73 (Manhattan)

Green Team 2016 will also be assisting with the campaigns of Hank Bardel, US House District 11 (Staten Island/ Brooklyn), and Daniel Vila Rivera, US House District 13 (Manhattan/ Bronx). The petitioning period for Federal candidates begins on Tuesday, March 8th, and filed from April 11—14.

Green Team candidates on the ballot

Green Team 2014 candidates for NY State Assembly and Senate filed their petitions with the Board of Elections last week. Now that a week has passed without any notices of deficiencies or challenges to our petitions, we can confidently say that we’ll be on the Green Party ballot line in November.

The following candidates filed:

  • Paul Gilman – State Senate, District 11 Queens
  • Carl Lundgren – State Senate, District 34 Bronx/Westchester
  • Jeff Peress – State Assembly, District 13 Nassau
  • Trevor Archer- State Assembly, District 83 Bronx
  • Daniel Zuger- State Assembly, District 85 Bronx

This is in addition to our Congressional candidates Hank Bardel (CD11, Staten Island/Brooklyn) and Daniel Vila (CD13, Manhattan/Bronx) who filed petitions earlier this year, and Attorney General candidate Ramon Jimenez who was nominated at the Green Party of New York State convention held in Troy in May along with the rest of the statewide slate of candidates, Howie Hawkins for Governor, Brian Jones for Lt. Governor and Theresa Portelli for Comptroller.

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They Say “Shutdown”; We Say “Long Live the Green New Deal”! The Green Team 2013 Press Conference: Presenting a Fresh Alternative

Media Advisory                        For Immediate Release

October 26, 2013            Contact: Tom Siracuse at 212-874-2154 or
James Lane at 917-865 2591

They Say “Shutdown”; We Say “Long Live the Green New Deal”!
The Green Team 2013 Press Conference: Presenting a Fresh Alternative

What: Press conference introducing the Green Team 2013

Who: The Green Team 2013, a group of candidates currently running for office in New York City under the Green Party of New York State banner

When: Sunday, October 27th, 2013, 12:30 PM

Where: In front of City Hall, 260 Broadway, Manhattan

Summary: A historic occasion will occur in New York City this Sunday afternoon: a group of public servants who cannot be bought, and who have real solutions to offer the people of New York, will gather at City Hall to present their joint program.

The recent government shutdown in Washington did not surprise the Greens. Both sides are acting irresponsibly. The Greens instead offer a plan – a Green New Deal – to help working people, not the banks; the beleaguered soldier, not the Pentagon; the children of our future, not ExxonMobil.

The team’s three citywide candidates for office ‒ mayoral candidate Anthony Gronowicz, comptroller candidate Julia Willebrand and Public Advocate candidate James Lane ‒ along with several New York City Council candidates ‒ will present their ideas to the media and the public. For those bored with the hollow public spectacle of de Blasio vs. Lhota, the Greens offer something quite unusual: a dose of truth. Read the rest of this entry

A Change is Gonna Come

Lundgren for State Senate

[This is the introduction to my “An Agenda for the Bronx” page on the campaign website.]

Change is already here. Not only are we experiencing the greatest global climate change in millennia, we are in the midst of unprecedented social, economic and political upheaval as well. These are not the artificial divides that our corporate influenced government manufacture. This is a struggle for the rights of the people over the forces of oppression, repression and suppression. Keeping us divided serves the interests of those who created the divides. It prevents us from working together to address and solve our shared problems and provide for our shared needs. While we’re fighting and arguing among ourselves, the corporate government is limiting or repealing our rights.  I don’t accept this as a model that serves the people.

The politics that all our elected officials of both corporate parties employ represents a tired…

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Fringe-party candidates for Bronx borough president say they are real challengers

Lundgren for State Senate

[Fringe? I think not! At least I was interviewed.]

Socialist Workers Party candidate Roger Calero and Green Party nominee Carl Lundgren will face incumbent Ruben Diaz Jr.

ByDenis Slattery / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

Saturday, October 5, 2013, 4:20 PM

They have little money, less name recognition and no real chance, but these candidates refuse to call their bid to unseat the incumbent Bronx borough president a fool’s errand.

Socialist Workers Party candidate Roger Calero and Green Party nominee Carl Lundgren are challenging Ruben Diaz Jr. in the November general election.

Calero is a two-time U.S. presidential hopeful that mustered a little more than 7,000 votes nationwide in 2008.

Even though he does not have a website and has raised less than $10,000 in contributions, Calero says his campaign has been a success, even if his ideas are a little bigger than the borough.

“Our struggle did not start with…

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My Campaign (from Lundgren for the Bronx)

Lundgren for State Senate

“Using power to dominate humans and nature has brought us to an impasse and can never take us beyond it. We must learn to think and act from our hearts, to recognize the interconnectedness of all living creatures, and to respect the value of each thread in the vast web of life. This is a spiritual perspective, and it is the foundation of all Green politics. It entails the radical, non-violent transformation of the structures of society and of our way of thinking, so that domination is no longer the modus operandi. At the root of all Green political action is nonviolence, starting with how we live our lives, taking small, unilateral steps toward peace in everything we do. Green politics requires us to be both tender and subversive. Affirming tenderness as a political value is already subversive. In Green politics, we practice tenderness in relations with others; in caring for ideas…

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