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GT2016 NYSBOE Certified Election Results

The New York State Board of Elections certified the 2016 General Election results on Dec. 21. Here’s how our Green Team candidates did:


Green Team candidates on the ballot

petition filing

On July 14, Green Team 2016 filed designating petitions for 8 Green Party candidates running in NYC. Their petitions received no objections or challenges, so all will be on the Election Day ballot. Along with the two candidates for Congress who we filed back in April, plus two other candidates whom we’re supporting, we will have 12 candidates running in NYC,  Nassau and Westchester Counties.

Here is the Green Team 2016 candidate roster:

  • U.S. Congress
    • Frank Francois, CD5 – Queens / Nassau County
    • Henry Bardel, CD 11 – Staten Island / Brooklyn
    • Daniel Vila, CD13 – Manhattan / Bronx
  • NY State Senate
    • Laurence Hirsh, SD9 – Nassau County
    • Julia Willebrand, SD31 – Manhattan
    • Carl Lundgren, SD34 – Bronx / Westchester County
  • NY State Assembly
    • Jeffery Peress, AD13 – Nassau County
    • Patrick Dwyer, AD46 – Brooklyn
    • Manny Cavaco, AD65 – Manhattan
    • Donal Butterfield, AD73 – Manhattan
    • Scott Hutchins, AD74 – Manhattan
    • Daniel Zuger, AD85 – Bronx

For more information on each of the candidates, visit their pages on this site.


Green Team candidates on the ballot

Green Team 2014 candidates for NY State Assembly and Senate filed their petitions with the Board of Elections last week. Now that a week has passed without any notices of deficiencies or challenges to our petitions, we can confidently say that we’ll be on the Green Party ballot line in November.

The following candidates filed:

  • Paul Gilman – State Senate, District 11 Queens
  • Carl Lundgren – State Senate, District 34 Bronx/Westchester
  • Jeff Peress – State Assembly, District 13 Nassau
  • Trevor Archer- State Assembly, District 83 Bronx
  • Daniel Zuger- State Assembly, District 85 Bronx

This is in addition to our Congressional candidates Hank Bardel (CD11, Staten Island/Brooklyn) and Daniel Vila (CD13, Manhattan/Bronx) who filed petitions earlier this year, and Attorney General candidate Ramon Jimenez who was nominated at the Green Party of New York State convention held in Troy in May along with the rest of the statewide slate of candidates, Howie Hawkins for Governor, Brian Jones for Lt. Governor and Theresa Portelli for Comptroller.

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Green Team 2013 Candidate Information


“Like”, “Follow”, and learn more about our Green Team 2013 candidates at the links below:

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Green Team Election Results

Here are the latest election results (as of 11/7/12) for our Green Team 2012 candidates. The information is from the New York Daily News and NY1 websites. A number of precincts have still not reported results.

 Name   Office/District   Votes   % of Total   % of Precincts
Jill Stein / Cheri Honkala President / Vice President 35,338  .57  97.11
Colia Clark  U. S. Senate  36,096  .62  97.11
Evergreen Chou  U. S. House – CD6 Queens 1,729  1.16  99.76
Colin Beavan  U. S. House – CD8 Kings / Queens  2,098  1.18  99.81
Vivia Morgan  U. S. House – CD9 Kings  2,700  1.42  100
Hank Bardel  U. S. House – CD11 Richmond / Kings  1,782  1.00  100
Tony Gronowicz  U. S. House – CD14 Bronx / Queens  2,322  1.78  99.52
Joe Diaferia  U. S. House – CD16 Bronx / Westchester  2,052  1.16  83.71
Ursula Rozum  U. S. House – CD24 Central New York  21,291  8.00  NA
Tom Siracuse  NY State Senate – SD29 New York / Bronx  1,127  1.61  99.05
Carl Lundgren  NY State Senate – SD34 Bronx / Westchester  1,180  1.54  99.64
Peter Lavenia  NY State Senate – SD44 Albany  8,232  9.00  NA
Mike Donnelly  NY State Senate – SD50 Onondaga / Cayuga  13,212  14.00  NA
Jeff Peress  NY State Assembly – AD13 Nassau  328  1.00  NA
Patrick Dwyer  NY State Assembly – AD46 Kings  404  1.79  100
Julia Willebrand  NY State Assembly – AD67 New York  2,094  5.05  100
Trevor Archer  NY State Assembly – AD83 Bronx  163  .50  100
Dan Zuger  NY State Assembly – AD85 Bronx  108  .47  100
Walt Nestler  NY State Assembly – AD87 Bronx  258  .97  100
Drew Langdon  NY State Assembly – AD137 Rochester  4,231  12  NA

Green Team 2012 Welcomes New Candidates

We want to extend a welcome to the newest candidates to join Green Team 2012:

  • Michael Donnelly for NY State Senate in the 50th  Senate District (Onondaga/Cayuga
  • Patrick Dwyer for NY State Assembly in the 46th Assembly District (Kings)
  • Derek Java for NY State Assembly in the 114th Assembly District (Warren/Essex/Washington) 
  • Jeff Peress for NY State Assembly in the 13th Assembly District (Nassau) 
  • Julia Willebrand for NY State Assembly in the 67th Assembly District (New York) 

This brings to 20 the number of candidates on the Green Team, representing all areas of New York State. With the recent nomination of Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala as the Green Party candidates for President and Vice President respectively, voters in New York State will have more choice than ever on Election Day. In some districts voters will see a complete slate of candidates for all levels of office.

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