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GT2016 NYSBOE Certified Election Results

The New York State Board of Elections certified the 2016 General Election results on Dec. 21. Here’s how our Green Team candidates did:


Green Team candidates on the ballot

petition filing

On July 14, Green Team 2016 filed designating petitions for 8 Green Party candidates running in NYC. Their petitions received no objections or challenges, so all will be on the Election Day ballot. Along with the two candidates for Congress who we filed back in April, plus two other candidates whom we’re supporting, we will have 12 candidates running in NYC,  Nassau and Westchester Counties.

Here is the Green Team 2016 candidate roster:

  • U.S. Congress
    • Frank Francois, CD5 – Queens / Nassau County
    • Henry Bardel, CD 11 – Staten Island / Brooklyn
    • Daniel Vila, CD13 – Manhattan / Bronx
  • NY State Senate
    • Laurence Hirsh, SD9 – Nassau County
    • Julia Willebrand, SD31 – Manhattan
    • Carl Lundgren, SD34 – Bronx / Westchester County
  • NY State Assembly
    • Jeffery Peress, AD13 – Nassau County
    • Patrick Dwyer, AD46 – Brooklyn
    • Manny Cavaco, AD65 – Manhattan
    • Donal Butterfield, AD73 – Manhattan
    • Scott Hutchins, AD74 – Manhattan
    • Daniel Zuger, AD85 – Bronx

For more information on each of the candidates, visit their pages on this site.


Petition Filing at the BOE


Green Party Congressional candidates Daniel Vila, CD13, Manhattan – Bronx (l) and Henry Bardel, CD11, Staten Island – Brooklyn (r) stirring things up at the Stir Cafe, next door to the NYC BOE.

The Green Team Committee filed designating petitions for Congressional candidates Daniel Vila Rivera (CD13, Manhattan / Bronx) and Henry J. Bardel (CD11, Staten Island / Brooklyn) this past Thursday, April 14th, with the Board of Elections in NYC. We set up shop at the Stir Cafe next door to the BOE to collect, clean and bind the petition volumes and then submitted them to the BOE.

The cafe has a large dining room in the rear that is not utilized very often in the evenings, so it’s a great place to use as a central location to meet with the candidates and petitioning volunteers. As long as we make a purchase, the staff has no problem with us.

If all goes well with the petitions (so far, so good), Danny and Hank will appear on the November ballot.

In addition to Danny and Hank, petitions were filed in Albany for Green candidates Matt Funicello (CD21, Adirondack Region) and Frank Francois (CD5, Queens / Nassau).

Next up is the petitioning period for State Senate and State Assembly, beginning on June 7th.

Green Team 2016 Candidates file with NYSBOE

GT2016_FB_COVERGreen Team 2016 (Green Team Committee) filed forms with the NY State Board of Elections today notifying them of the candidates we’ll be supporting this year. The next step will be to gather petition signatures in order to be placed on the ballot. Petitioning is set to begin on Tuesday,  June 7th and filed from July 11—14.

The 2016 Green Team candidates are:

  • Julia Willebrand, NY State Senate District 31 (Manhattan)
  • Carl Lundgren,  NY State Senate District 34 (Bronx/Westchester)
  • Ann Eagan, NY State Assembly District 69 (Manhattan)
  • Don Butterfield, NY State Assembly District 73 (Manhattan)

Green Team 2016 will also be assisting with the campaigns of Hank Bardel, US House District 11 (Staten Island/ Brooklyn), and Daniel Vila Rivera, US House District 13 (Manhattan/ Bronx). The petitioning period for Federal candidates begins on Tuesday, March 8th, and filed from April 11—14.

Green Team candidates on the ballot

Green Team 2014 candidates for NY State Assembly and Senate filed their petitions with the Board of Elections last week. Now that a week has passed without any notices of deficiencies or challenges to our petitions, we can confidently say that we’ll be on the Green Party ballot line in November.

The following candidates filed:

  • Paul Gilman – State Senate, District 11 Queens
  • Carl Lundgren – State Senate, District 34 Bronx/Westchester
  • Jeff Peress – State Assembly, District 13 Nassau
  • Trevor Archer- State Assembly, District 83 Bronx
  • Daniel Zuger- State Assembly, District 85 Bronx

This is in addition to our Congressional candidates Hank Bardel (CD11, Staten Island/Brooklyn) and Daniel Vila (CD13, Manhattan/Bronx) who filed petitions earlier this year, and Attorney General candidate Ramon Jimenez who was nominated at the Green Party of New York State convention held in Troy in May along with the rest of the statewide slate of candidates, Howie Hawkins for Governor, Brian Jones for Lt. Governor and Theresa Portelli for Comptroller.

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Correction: Green candidates on WBAI

Correction: We posted earlier today that Brian Jones, Green Party candidate for NYS Lt. Governor would be interviewed along with Ramon Jimenez and Daniel Vila. Brian, in fact, made prior arrangements with Mimi Rosenberg to be interviewed on Aug. 20th.  

Green Party candidates Ramon Jimenez (NYS Atty. General) and Daniel Vila (US Representative – CD13) will discuss their campaigns and issues with host Mimi Rosenberg this Wednesday, Aug. 13 on the Morning Show on WBAI. The show airs at 7am. WBAI is located at 99.5 FM.

Green Party candidates on WBAI

Green Party candidates Ramon Jimenez (NYS Atty. General), Brian Jones (NYS Lt. Governor) and Daniel Vila (US Representative – CD13) will discuss their campaigns and issues with host Mimi Rosenberg this Wednesday, Aug. 13 on the Morning Show on WBAI. The show airs at 7am. WBAI is located at 99.5 FM.

Meet & Greet Walk and Campaign Launch with Daniel Vila

Please forward and share with all your contacts

Meet & Greet Walk with Daniel Vila

Saturday, June 7th @ 12:00PM

From 125th St. & Adam Clayton Powell Blvd.

to 116th St. & Lexington Ave.


As you know, next November voters in the 13th Congressional District will again vote for their representative to Congress. The Republican Party is not running a candidate, so the choice will be between the Democrat who wins the primary and me.

The choice will also be between sending to Congress a representative of the ruling corporate elite or a person who will represent the interests of working people; between the party which, together with the Republicans, has waged war on the people of Afghanistan and Iraq for more than a decade or for a party which has consistently opposed these wars of aggression; between a party which has the mission to turn every facet of public life into a for-profit enterprise, or a party which believes that government has a role to play defending the interests of workers and the middle class; between a party which does nothing to stop the corporate poisoning of our environment and food supply and a party which has always declared that the air, land, water and food supply be safeguarded for future generations.

The Democrats and Republicans play deaf every time a cop kills a person of color or abuses his power harassing our youth. The two ruling parties have fooled the nation for decades promising immigration reform while continuing to deport millions of hard-working people and refusing to grant them permanent legal status. Finally, public subsidy and tax relief for the corporate elite has reached scandalous proportions just as public monies for health, education and housing are eliminated.

My campaign is thus, one of defense of the broad masses who work, pay taxes and even fight the dirty wars of the corporate rulers. It is a campaign to strengthen workers’ rights and unionization and to get the federal government to legislate a $15 minimum wage so that millions of low-wage workers do not have to live in poverty!

We will be launching this fight June 7th at 12:00 PM with a Meet and Greet Walk from Harlem’s State office Building located at 125th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Blvd to 116th Street and Lexington Avenue. Please join us and the fight to have a Voice of the People in the US Congress!

Daniel Vila

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