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Green Party nominates candidate for CD11 special election

James_LaneCongratulations to James Lane, who was nominated by the Green Party of New York State to run as the candidate in the upcoming special election for the open seat in the 11th Congressional District.

Lane was the GP candidate for NYC Public Advocate in 2013, receiving 6,072 votes, beating out all other alternative party candidates. He’s a long time Green, and has served on the State Committee of GPNYS.

The open seat in CD11 is a result of the resignation of Republican Michael Grimm who pled guilty to tax evasion. Grimm had just been re-elected this past November. He was challenged by Green Party candidate Hank Bardel.

The special election will be held on Tuesday May 5th, 2015. The Certificate of Nomination had to be filed by Monday, March 2nd.

Besides Lane, Richmond County DA Dan Donovan has been nominated by the Republican Party, and NYC Council Member Vincent Gentile has been nominated by the Democratic Party.


The most controversial issue to be addressed in this campaign will be the continuing questions surrounding the death of Staten Island resident Eric Garner at the hands of NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo, and the failure of the grand jury to indict him. Also at issue is the failure of Richmond County DA, Dan Donovan, to file any charges against Pantaleo. Donovan is also being petitioned to release transcripts of the grand jury decision.

In addition,  Lane will address issues surrounding the stalled clean up efforts by NYC in the wake of Hurricane Sandy in 2012, and delays by FEMA in compensating victims and providing loans for small businesses.


These are the Green Party recommendations for voting on the ballot proposals that will appear on the back of Tuesday’s ballot. Here’s why:

[NOTE: The following reasons were provided by the Downtown Independent Democratic Club, not by the Green Party. None-the-less, we agree on all counts.]

VOTE NO ON PROPOSAL ONE – Redistricting “reform”

Changes to the Constitution are very serious. Once a change is made it is extremely difficult to modify.

We encourage voters to reject this sham redistricting amendment. We strongly support real redistricting reform. This amendment enshrines the anti-democratic, partisan gerrymandering system into our state constitution.

Rather than an independent panel, this proposal sets up a commission of partisan appointees – and will undoubtedly result in continued gerrymandered districts. (The word “independent” was even removed from the ballot by court order.)

“Better than nothing” is not good enough. We need true and independent reform. For more information, visit

VOTE YES ON PROPOSAL TWO – Electronic Distribution of Legislative Bills

This would allow the legislature to distribute proposed legislation electronically as a PDF instead of on paper. A good idea and a long time in coming.

VOTE NO PROPOSAL THREE – “Smart” Schools Bond Act

This would borrow $2 Billion for technology in schools (interest is extra!). While we support technology in schools:

  1. This proposal would permit state funds to also finance “nonpublic” schools (private and parochial) – a dangerous precedent.
  2. 30-year taxpayer debt obligation, or even 15-year, for equipment that will be obsolete in 3 to 5 years is not sound fiscal policy. Long-term debt should not be used for short-term operating costs.
  3. There is concern that this is aimed directly at testing, consuming education resources better spent elsewhere.
  4. NY State is already close to its statutory debt limit and is 2nd highest in the nation in debt.

We encourage the legislature to properly fund NY public schools, and not to privatize our schools or rely on long-term debt for short-term operating costs.

Campaign Notes – 10/30/14

Paul Gilman for State Senate

NY State District 11 Campaign recent Highlights:

1) Two weeks ago, I spoke at the College Point Civic Association. Tony Avella showed up unannounced and spoke for close 45 mins – so much for fairness. Basically he is still opposing hydro-fracking and the Independent Democrats Caucus whose alignment with the Republicans allowed the Republicans to maintain control of the NY Senate gave him all sorts of discretionary money from the state budget to help College Point. He did not say what that did for the rest of Senate District 11. The biggest issue that came out of this meeting is that Avella and myself is the War on Drugs. He is against legalizing cannabis. I am for ending the war on drugs.

2) Made the two youtube videos posted below as part of the Ralph Nader/Howie Hawkins fundraising drive held at All St. Church in Manhattan. Thank you Ivana…

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Howie & Daniel

Daniel Vila for Congress

Howie Hawkins was out on the campaign trail with Daniel Vila in Harlem today. Photos courtesy of James Lane


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Ralph Nader Endorses the 2014 GPNYS Statewide Slate

Ralph Nader, Showing up for a democratic society, supporting Howie Hawkins Green Party.

“We need to motivate our 1% for change. In Europe they have multiparty systems and strong labor unions and no belief in phony free market ideology. They call the top 1% “job creators.” We have to talk about the workers as the “profit creators.” They try to divide us into left and right to keep us powerless. All we need is for our won 1% to organize.”

Ralph Nader talks about running for office and supporting grass roots campaigns.

“They are the salt of the earth. Howie Hawkins, Green Party New York candidate for Governor loads and unloads trucks for UPS. Matt Funiciello is Democracy’s Baker. Our 1% pressuring for change can succeed. Give them a rumble from the People. Public opinion is behind us.”

Videos from Green Party fundraiser/rally in NYC – 10/25/14

Campaign Notes

They still don’t get the Green Party.

Hank Bardel 2017

This past week was pretty busy.

On Thursday, I was interviewed by Courtney Gross, a reporter for NY1 News. She conducted the interview in my living room. She has to get back to me about when the interview will air.

On Friday, I spoke at the Richmond County American Legion Hall at a candidates forum they held. There were 5 Republican and 3 Democratic candidates there, including one of my opponents, Republican Michael Grimm. Domenic Recchia, the Democrat, didn’t attend. I spoke briefly to one of the Post officials and let him know that I was a veteran and served in the army. He said, “Oh, yeah? What country?” One woman asked me if I was going to drop out of the race!

On Saturday, I attended a Peace Action Dinner at the Olivet Presbyterian Church. I did some campaigning and handed out my campaign flyers. I had the opportunity…

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Hot off the press! Green Team 2014 Daily for 10/18/14 is out!


Featured Articles

vote RamonPolitical notes … 10/17/14

Ramon Jimenez for NYS Attorney General

Hawkins: Public Schools, Not Charter Schools; Renewable Energy, Not Fracking

Howie Hawkins for NY

Buffalo Teachers Federation Join PJSTA in Endorsing Howie Hawkins for Governor

Shared by Brian Jones

Candidates Forum in New Rochelle

Lundgren for NY City Council

The League of Women Voters of New Rochelle has invited me to participate in a candidates debate/forum at New Rochelle City Hall on Monday, Oct. 27th. It will be moderated by a League member from out of the area.
The format and other details will be announced once LWV knows who else will be participating.The evening will be recorded for broadcast on cable and local Verizon stations.
The public is invited to submit questions before the event.
I am curious as to why the forum is being held in New Rochelle since the city is not in SD34 but I’m not going to pass up an opportunity to get the Green message out.

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